Category: Blog | Date Posted: 25 Apr 2024

For the next number of posts I’d like to go into each area of what most people call goal setting.

I use the term “goal wishing” to describe the starting and sometimes ending point for most people’s “goal setting” adventures. Having something come to mind like a new job, more money a house etc. can be the start of what needs to be experienced, however this is a very incomplete and risky place to run your life from! As an example; the dream or wish of having a house is this simply a programmed social response, or should we really be going back to school? This is why the process of “goal visioning” is so important, it gets you in touch with what your inner self (higher) really needs to have happen and also the sequence it is to happen in.

How many times do we expend a lot of time, money and life energy chasing a goal that turns out to have the wrong timing or it’s just plain an uphill battle. I don’t know about you, I’m fairly sure I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count the dead end journeys as well as the number of years lost.

“Goal Visioning” is usually a guided process that takes a person past the “I want this” to a place of “knowing” what they need to do, have or accomplish. When your actions are coming from a connection with your higher self, life sure becomes a whole lot easier.

To summarize, the first two steps are “Goal Wishing” and “Goal Visioning” next week we will discuss the third step.

Thanks for listening