Category: Blog | Date Posted: 20 Jul 2024

Welcome to Spiritual Saturdays. I’d like every person that listens to this and every person in the world, to be honest with you to be absolutely be breathless in every moment and I don’t mean working your cardio, going to the gym, running up a mountain; that’s not at all what I mean. That feeling of being breathless when something catches you with its beauty, with its presence. When you look into somebody’s eyes, especially your partner and they take away your breath or you take away their breath or you see something beautiful like a child, a puppy, a sunset. It can be as simple as a blade of grass when you look at it, the magic that is in a blade of grass just how perfect it is with the different lines and the way that it is designed. What we do, and unfortunately with our society, we are so stressed that we skip off the surface.

Well, we’re skipping off the surface but we don’t see the beauty of what’s underneath especially if you live on the coast and its salt water, if you can imagine that. We don’t see what’s in the aquarium. We’re so busy skipping off the surface heading for something, going a million miles an hour with this road blur beside us all the time that we don’t get connected and that’s not life. Life is lived in the moment or we are on a path toward depression. Going a million miles an hour we can still do that. I’m not saying you have to slow it down. You can still go a million miles an hour but by developing the habit of being breathless, you move yourself out of that realm of business and stress because we as all know and the leading science right now is saying that stress is the leading cause of diseases; short term and long term.

What I would like you to do this week is to practice being breathless and it is a practice and it takes work. Stop for 30 seconds and see something beautiful in anything, even if it’s just the color of the paint or if it’s something that you’re standing beside or a person. Look at the color of what they’re wearing and see the beauty in it. Look at something that you don’t normally like and try to find the beauty in that. Become breathless in the moment because when you do that you start to attract a whole different situation and people and events into your life. That’s what I’d like you to do for the next few days and that’s my wish for you.