Category: Blog | Date Posted: 20 Jul 2024

Welcome to 2012

It seems predictions this year range from a slight shift in our economies to the end of the world.  That’s quite the range! (more on this in later conversations)

I don’t mean to sound trite, if the end of the world might be this year why would I worry about something I can do nothing about? All that would be accomplished is less growth and productivity for myself, and more fear added into a world that already has too much. Whatever I put my time, focus and energy into always produces some sort of a result. It may not be what I want though.

The beginning of each year historically is the time for us to get clear on what we would like the next 12 months to look like, to use a well know word “resolution” as we know resolutions very seldom produce results.

Over the past 15 years of supporting people one thing has become abundantly clear, simply writing a goal on a piece of paper very seldom produces sustainable results. Combining vision, intuition, knowledge and success consciousness does give us what we want, by adding in the passion, knowledge and connection as to why we are here (purpose) then our lives will change and watch out world!

Our personal sense of happiness, fulfillment and power (to name a few), that exist in nearly every moment is beyond words.

This is my intent, to guide individuals into fully living their purpose with awareness, direction and prosperity. This is truly where the good stuff in life exists!

Until our next discussion