Category: Uncategorized | Date Posted: 20 Jul 2024

The first thing we need to do is to realize that there are two different systems or main categories that we make our decisions from. Each of the two systems have several subsystems within them. This article and the next few will be dealing with the two main areas, we will get into the subsystems later.

Every person I have ever worked with (including myself) ponders the question “should I trust my intuition or my analysis?” These are the two main categories that we make decisions from.

At one extreme, society and our academic systems have us believing that the analytic way of making decisions must be better, and yet there are mistakes made by even the most well trained people. On the other side of the pendulum is the person who leads life from their intuition, and in some cases they can’t get their lives to work.

What is a person to do? The first step is to understand that there are two very distinct areas that we gain decision making information from. That both areas have strong points and weak areas.

Till next time.