Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the most out of ADF with the quickest results?

This is going to sound counter intuitive but go slow and let the materials take hold. I recommend 1 week per recording. Reading something is very different than living it. 

Repetition – repetition – repetition gets results.

What happens if I decide to stop my membership with ADF?

You can cancel your account at anytime and all recurring payments will be stopped.

It is easier if you do this through your account settings.

When my life gets better does it mean I will never go backwards?

I wish this was true. However by doing the work when a life wave happens you are much stronger and usually do not fall as far back. This is actually a complex question because there are many reasons why we are where we are.

Why am I more affected than another person in the same situation?

Good question. We are all very different from our upbringing and histories to our bodies to our beliefs, environment and so on. Humans are very complex individual beings and as you have noticed ADF has a lot of recordings to address that.

Should I be on medication or when should I come off?

This question is best answered by your Doctor and is beyond the scope of this program.

Can I do therapy and ADF at the same time and is there a benefit?

You sure can, ADF is designed to be a stand alone method or work in harmony with your therapy. Make sure that you keep your therapist informed – and yes there is a very large benefit. Within balance the more angles you come at this from the better.

Can ADF replace my therapist?

ADF is not meant to replace your therapist, if you need individual support than you do. Do not stop unless you clear it with your professional.

Is ADF a therapeutic process?

No very simply explained no. There are 168 hours in a week so you may attend therapy for 1 hour a week and that leaves the other 167. This is where we need additional wisdom, skills and community. ADF will guide you into making sense out of life and your part in it, however going deeply into past traumas should be done with a specifically trained professional.