Category: Blog | Date Posted: 12 Jun 2024

Where does your power come from? Most people when I ask them this question give me a strange look, almost the “what planet are you from” look. The answer to this question is actually a powerful life changing understanding to have.

What is it that drives you through everyday and gets you up in the morning again and again? Is it a robotic action or is it because of the money or is it because you have to? Maybe you used to love what you did and no longer do, maybe you still do. Is is about making an impression, approval or status or maybe the right thing to do and the only thing to do.

Or is it because you have to do it to feel fulfilled, if you don’t there is this inside piece that you just have live. Are you doing it from a greater good or being of service?

Remember there is no right or wrong only an awareness of where we are and what we choose to do with life from this point forward.