Category: Blog | Date Posted: 20 Jul 2024

Chemistry and Consciousness,

A common definition of chemistry would be “an experience that comes through the senses that is appealing to the individual.”  Some of these senses could be visual, auditory, emotional and or kinaesthetic.

So what does consciousness have to do with chemistry? A whole lot actually!

Consciousness is the sum of a person’s thoughts, feelings, actions and experiences. In other words “the essence of who a person is in any given moment.”

Let’s look at an example, Becky and Tom have a huge amount of emotional, physical and spiritual chemistry. Becky’s last 3 relationships really hurt her and as a result she has an edge around men and is not ready to completely trust. Becky’s hurts may dominate the connection and lead to actions that she does not want or intend to create. The worst part is that it may muddy or destroy the attraction and hide the potential, all of this can happen in a way that is totally unconscious. The Becky and Tom example is relevant on a first date or in a long term relationship. It’s always a good thing to be aware of what is underlying our feelings and actions.

This week I invite you to look at how your “consciousness” might be getting in the way of what you want.

Till next time Patrick